About us

About us

Help and education for the needy

Galbur Foundation is a voluntary, purely humanitarian, UK based non-profit charity organization devoted to make positive change in the lives of the most vulnerable people in the world.
It was established 2014 and it operates in all regions of over the world particularly in the East African region. Our ethos is to enable people to live happy, independent and healthier.
Our mission is to mobilize resources and develop local facilities. We provide support to empower children and young people with mental health issues and we deliver advice sessions and workshops. We also organize campaigns to make communities understand better about mental health and well being.
We deliver schemes to provide sustainable access to water, sanitation and healthcare to make sure that the most vulnerable people in these regions have real influence. We also aim to promote education and empower young people such as girls and boys, women, elderly to improve their education.

  • Mental Health Support
  • Spreading Education within the community
  • Giving Cash for self-maintenance
  • Campaigns to reach the needy
  • On-going sponsorship supports

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