Promoting Mental Health Through Arts & Culture

Promoting Mental Health
Through Arts & Culture

Galbur foundation and The Peel Centre, supported by Golol Gallery, ran the four weeks programme and the sessions were led by upcoming artist Anab Eided and Emma Charlton. The workshops have been well attended and took place at the Popham community centre in Islington, North London every Friday between 18:00-20:30 where refreshments were provided to the students, staff and volunteers. The programme worked alongside 20 young Somalis between the ages of 10 and 16.

The ceremony celebrated the final art piece the students created. It was a great opportunity for family, families, youth-led organisations and local authorities to talk about safety, safe spaces, crime and mental health.

The theme of their work was “safe paces’’ the children were asked what their safe space was and what it means to them? Local and community police officers: PC Fathia Mohamed, PC Javes Ahmed and PC Charlie Mytuku spoke about the “danger of strangers in the neighbourhood”, raising awareness about the dangers they face as young children in London and to address the growing concern of rising crime. They also gave advice on how to avoid certain dangers to this was then followed by a Q&A session where the young people asked a lot of questions mainly related knife crime and the relationship between police force and BME communities.

Several members from Supreme Young Voices (SYV), a youth service promoting sport, healthy lifestyle and young empowerment were present. One of their volunteers, Zaki, a youth worker spoke on empowering young children to pursue their interests and hobbies, emphasising the importance of young adults being role models to the younger ones as well as sharing his own experiences of growing up in London. The event culminated with certificates being award to all the young participants to highlight the great effort and work they have put in during the sessions.